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Inventory management and pricing strategies

A well-managed inventory is essential for any business or eCommerce store. Optimal inventory management should reflect a balance between the interests and expectations of your clients and your costs. That’s to say, having enough items in stock to satisfy demand while keeping inventory costs at a minimum. The presence of “dead stock,” excess stock with a high probability of not being sold, occupies space that could be dedicated to more successful products while also... + read more

Big data and pricing: how to find the best price for your products

Big data is one of the most demanded techniques today.  The labour market has been overrun with searches for specialist data analysts in this field and there are no longer developments which do not include, at least in part, elements of big data.  Most of today's business technologies have a significant big data presence, and in eCommerce and online business it wasn't going to be any less.  In fact, this has become a fundamental pillar for dynamic pricing, an upward... + read more

Machine learning applied to price optimisation

Machine learning forms part of our daily lives. It’s present around us almost without our noticing. One example of this is Netflix. This platform learns about what we like to offer personalised recommendations and achieve increased user engagement. Beyond personalisation, machine learning can also help companies optimise their prices to increase sales. Want to know how? Machine learning is based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions. Its... + read more

Shopping cart abandonment: how to recover customer business?

Abandoned carts are one of the biggest concerns for online stores as they represent a volume of potential sales currently in the process of being lost, a black hole that any eCommerce should pay attention to. For what reasons do users abandon their cart? There are several reasons why a user leaves an online store without completing the purchase process, we highlight the following: The user did not plan to buy but enters just out of curiosity. At the time of payment, they noticed... + read more

Black and Grey market, detect their presence within our distribution channel

One of the handicaps that most brands and manufacturers have to deal with, especially in the perfume, fashion and technology sector, is the identification of counterfeits of their products, which in addition to assuming million-dollar sales losses, also puts into play brand reputation and image. It is also of great importance to identify grey-market products, i.e. goods from different distribution channels than those authorised by the manufacturer, which, although not considered illegal,... + read more